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Below you can find more information about of all of the classes currently offered at Star Train Academy, including class times, age groups, teachers, and current availability

Musical Theatre

Our Musical Theatre classes start from the age of 3.


In this class we learn varieties of songs from Disney, Pop and Musicals and sing and dance along to them.


It's very tricky to start off with to sing and dance at the same time so this class will help you along the way and build a lot of stamina for the children!


It's fun and exciting and children can explore all different styles of music. 



Tap classes are available from ages 3.


In our infants classes, we learn basic tap steps and learn to explore different beats and rhythms.


As children get older in our junior and senior classes we then offer Tap in ISTD syllabus, this is where children learn set exercises in Tap and can have the opportunity to take examinations and receive a certificate to reward their hard work.


STA also provide Adult Tap classes for 18+ this will be an hour lesson where adults can come along and join the fun, learn basic tap steps and tap routines.



Ballet is available at STA from ages 3.


Infants start off learning basic ballet steps, learning to be delicate and using different types of imagery from being princesses, fairies and butterflies to get the correct feeling and musicality in this genre for when they are older and carry on their ballet classes.


From junior groups upwards, children then put into graded classes.


This is the same as Tap and Modern, using the ISTD Syllabus and children are able to take their examinations in this too. 



Jazz classes consist of routines in a variety of styles from the Street and Hip-Hop you can see in many of todays modern music videos, to Classic Jazz as seen in the famous movie musicals such as Dirty Dancing, Footloose and Saturday Night Fever.



Modern classes are also ISTD syllabus based.


This starts from Grade 1.


This is also where children learn set exercises and take examinations.


Modern Dance is to teach children technique and placement in dance making sure they include correct posture and gain flexibility and strength. 

Guitar Lessons


Our guitar lessons will be limited spaces available.


Our classes will be 30minute slots and children will learn basic guitar skills, songs of their choice and songs of the teachers choice.


Children will need to supply their own guitar for these lessons so then they can practise at home too. 

Private Singing Lessons


Our private singing lessons are a great way to to gain more technique and confidence with our fantastic experienced singing teacher. 


Learning songs from Pop to Musical Theatre. You can choose which genre you would like to work on more.


Classes are held at our singing teacher's own recording studio or we can come to you. 

Lessons are 30minutes or 60 mintues long. 


Limited spaces available so please get in touch to check availabilty.

Adult Tap


BRAND NEW Adult Tap is coming to STA FEBRUARY 2020.


A 60 minute class full of tap techniques and fun routines to learn. A great way to exercise!


No previous experience required- our Tap teacher will start with the basics and then work towards more technical movements for all abilities. 

STA are now taking bookings- Please contact us to join the waiting list and we will let you know when classes start!


Mini Stars


Mum's and Toddler classes available every Wednesday mornings in our Slade Green branch.


Classes involve basic dancing, rhythms, learning beats and time in music, nursery rhymes and disney songs. 


Classes are 30 minutes long.


Limited spaces available so please get in touch to check availabilty.

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